Impacting lives, communities and environments

At THOP, we believe that meaningful conversations are at the foundation of promoting positive change. It is our responsibility to champion conversations that matter, conversations that impact lives, impact communities and impact our environment.

Over the years, our principles are guided by this responsibility and are reflective in our work with clients, partners, and various stakeholders. We are a responsible organization that believes that communication can and should be leveraged for social good.

Therefore, we birthed THOP for Good, an initiative that will see our employees dedicate over 400 hours of pro-bono work to tangible commitments structured around these three pillars.


Climate Change

We drive advocacy for climate change and increase education about sustainable living. Through our service to clients, we aim to ensure that we are not just a socially responsible company but extend the same values to those we work with as experts in ESG.

Public Health

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has started to pay close attention to the need for sensitization. Also, we are aware of several health issues that continue to plague some countries in Africa and there is so much we need to do. While we recognize that there may not be enough resources to cater to everyone, THOP believes that communication is easily transferable and as such, we will mobilise our people and resources towards sensitization efforts for the benefit of everyone.

Education & Vocational Training

Education and Vocational training – Education is not limited to classrooms or degrees. As a holding company invested in the creative genius of our people, we believe in vocational training. We want to support efforts that can empower women and young people with vocational skills every year.

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